PARIS: Press conference on the 'left to die boat' case

A press conference will be held at FIDH headquarters as survivors of the left to die boat file a complaint against the French/Spanish armies

18th June 2013, 11:00

In March 2011, 63 migrants died off the coast of Lybia. One year later, survivors of this tragedy filed a complaint against the French army for failing to assist a person in danger. The French Ministry filed their complaint away.

On June 18, survivors, GISTI, FIDH, LDH and Migreurop will file a complaint with civil party in France and in Spain, which will require the opening of a criminal investigation in both countries.

- Patrick Baudouin, FIDH honorary president, lawyer at FIDH and LDH
- Gonzalo Boye, Spanish lawyer, initiator of the file in Spain
- Abu Kurke, plaintiff and survivor of the tragedy
- Stéphane Maugendre, GISTI President, lawyer of the survivors, of GISTI and Migreurop
- Karine Parrot, lawy professor, member of GISTI
- Lorenzo Pezzani, researcher, co-author of the "Left to die boat" report, « Forensic Oceanography »
- Père Mussie Zerai, Eritrean priest who had sheltered the survivors

17 Passage de la Main d'Or, 75011 Paris

17 Passage de la Main d'Or, 75011 Paris